How to Handle The Person Who Doesn’t Know What They Want


Navigating the complexities of the workplace is tricky enough, if you add in the dynamic of working with/for people who don’t know what they want it can take it to a whole new dimension of maddening.  

 In a 2018 study on The Most Difficult Bosses the most commonly experienced bad boss among survey participants was what they labeled as a “Clueless Chameleon”, the kind of person who changes priorities or direction frequently.  

This can happen often in two different forms the author says, either a person who knows they don’t know what they want yet (I’ll know it when I see it), or….the person who doesn’t know that they don’t know what they want (why didn’t you give me earlier what I never asked you to give me but probably should have known I needed).  

Yep, you read that right. Clearly the latter is far more bewildering and exhausting.    

These two articles provide some fantastic techniques to cut through the confusion, help others move from minutiae to the real meat and potatoes of what needs to be done, and still succeed despite it all.  

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How To Handle The Boss Who Doesn’t Know What They Want 

Don’t make the mistake of not being proactive with the Clueless Chameleon type boss.

Their indecisiveness/lack of clarity can easily hamper your success. Don’t be a victim…instead, be proactive, manage up and pursue the clarity you need to hit it out of the park!


4 Innocent Questions You Can Ask to Clear Up Confusing Directions

Nobody likes feeling cross-eyed and confused after their boss dishes out some directions. And, needing to ask for further clarification is usually enough to make you feel like a fumbling idiot who somehow miraculously landed in your position.

However, these four questions should help you get the detail you need, without seeming totally misguided or out of the loop. And, remember—as embarrassing as it might seem—never hesitate to just ask. After all, it’s far better than the alternative.


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