You Are Being Judged

We all know that first impressions are made quickly.

Actually, studies show that in as fast as 1/10th of a second people are making perception decisions about you that tend to remain, even over more extended time.

In today’s high court of digital presence we face these snap judgments every day as we meet with colleagues online, and without the benefit of a multi-dimensional experience of being with us in person.

If people are assessing your competence, trustworthiness, influence, and like ability in the blink of an eye then you’ve got to master the small things we tend to overlook that have the greatest effect on others impressions of us.

And since gaining ever-increasing influence at work is arguably the most important factor in having a successful leadership career, the aspects of our presence that say “influencer” need to be at the top of the list of things to polish.

Attached are two helpful reads that cover the most common cardinal sin of online presence and a fantastic technique to overcome it, and the other explains how different aspects of how we project ourselves, or don’t, can lead to pervasive impressions of our personal “storefront”.

Proactively preparing your presence, just like a business would prepare their storefront to attract customers, is a remarkably effective way to get your brain to slow down and prioritize this overlooked area of your success.

Trustworthiness, likeability, competence, and influence – what are people judging about you in 1/10th of a second?

Coach Faith


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Faith Csikesz

Faith Csikesz

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