Balancing on The Tightrope of Success

Every strength imaginable can become a weakness if not counter-balanced properly.

If you have a knack for brutally honest dialogue, it might accomplish clarity and save you time beating around the bush.

But you could also do unwanted, trust busting damage when you come across as brash or unfeeling if it’s not kept in check by other leveling qualities like diplomacy and relate-ability.

Likewise, kindness, in itself, is a very desirable and differentiating trait.

However, if it’s not infused with other bridling attributes such as empathic directness or strategic candor, it could appear as inauthenticity, or a lack of courage to say the hard things.

On the tightrope of success, character qualities are character flaws waiting to happen if we play them to the extreme, too much of the time without considering the ancillary strengths we need to balance the potential pitfalls.

The best leaders understand the necessity of cultivating balance within themselves to create it around them.

They can spot the possible trapdoors of leaning too heavily on one aspect of their personality and skill set, and they work to measure and calibrate their approach accordingly.

Good leaders avoid the extremes. They don’t tone and sculpt one or two strengths while allowing atrophy to set into other areas.

Jana Kingsford wisely said, “Balance is not something you find, it’s something you create.”

We will never wander into a life of being personally and stylistically balanced. Instead, we will generate this rewarding life approach through intentionality, curiosity, vulnerability, and constant self-betterment.

Resonant leadership is an ongoing balancing act and a worthy pursuit for all leaders who sincerely care about their impact today and their legacy tomorrow.

This article unpacks some solid advice for rounding out your personal style and strengthening the results you yield from others (and their respect for you!).

Coach Faith


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Faith Csikesz

Faith Csikesz

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