“a secret weapon in professional success”
“an order of magnitude better than any previous training I have had”
“a coach, a confidant, an expert in human behavior”


“My coach Faith has been a source of encouragement and support. She has kept me accountable to myself, taught me new skills and reminded me to value myself. I’m in the process of breaking some old patterns and ways of doing things that consistently present outcomes that I do not want to happen. With the help of my coach I have seen growth in areas I once felt powerless to change and now feel in control of my own growth and development.

“I have had the pleasure of working with Faith Csikesz for the last ten years. She is one of the most intuitive, talented and skillful executive coaches I know. She approaches each client with a keen appreciation for their talents and challenges and harnesses the strengths and wisdom they didn’t even know they had in them to break through to new levels of performance and effectiveness.

Her approach is firm but open and objective, and this helps people make sense of their patterns in thinking and behaviors that raise their levels of self-awareness and self-control. She remains one of our most requested coaches, and she often works with individuals longer than originally planned because they find the value she brings to their business hard to live without. On top of her amazing talent, she is also a delight to be around and work with. Her bright light shines on everyone in her circle and her level of professionalism is amazing. Faith is a world class performance specialist. I would recommend her to anyone looking for insights and a secret weapon in their professional success.

I have spent the last 6 months working with Faith and have developed the utmost respect for her as a coach. Faith is able to very quickly evaluate people and dig down to their core drivers. She has helped me slow down and open myself up to do some very meaningful self-reflection and soul searching. When I have heard about working with a coach in the past I have always thought of it in terms of a strict professional focus and expected key deliverables of such engagements to be limited to skills that help one become more effective at work.

What I have learned in the time that I have been working with Faith is that it is about making a completely whole individual and involves self-reflection on both a personal and professional level in order to make significant breakthroughs. I am very invigorated by the challenges I have ahead in order to translate my learning’s thus far into meaningful change. I feel fortunate to have Faith as my coach to continue this work. I trust her implicitly and would highly recommend her as a coach.”

“What I have learned is that it is about making a completely whole individual and involves self-reflection on both a personal and professional level in order to make significant breakthroughs.”

“When I was first assigned (I now say I was lucky enough) to my coach, Faith Csikesz, I did not even realize I needed a coach! Faith has been a source of encouragement and support. While Faith began with the traditional coaching tools such as a 360 feedback, client interviews, and manager interviews, it blossomed into much more. While perhaps I may have seemed outwardly very confident, confidence was the root of some developmental barriers. Faith quickly utilized the tools and her insights to help me grow personally and professionally.

She helped keep me accountable to myself, and in the process taught me many new skills that make me more efficient, more confident, and even happier at work and at home. She helped me breakdown the reasons for some of my behaviors and gave me the courage to break some of those old thinking and even behavior patterns. She provided a very safe environment for me to be open with her and seek her guidance and input, while still allowing me to completely own the situation.

I have seen growth and development in myself I did not even think possible. I would highly recommend Faith as a partner for any organization that understands the role development of their people plays in not only short, but long-term success of the company and their bottom line”.

After my first conversations with Faith, I started to feel like I was going to get the direction I needed to regain trust with my team, and rebuild my own confidence. Through a 360 assessment process, personal interviews with those I interact, and purposeful conversations between Faith and I, she gained the insight needed to help me see myself through the eyes of others. Faith is simply an amazing partner that has made me feel completely safe in discussing the barriers I faced. The work I’ve done with Faith has been difficult, yet is leading to the most rewarding professional growth of my career. Thank you Faith Csikesz, a.k.a. Sensei!”

“I had read many of Faith’s other testimonials before writing my own. My experience has been similar: quick changes; big changes; changes I didn’t know I needed; changes I didn’t think was possible. Great results, but what was equally impressive to me was how Faith did it. Coaching certainly takes an investment, but all my time with Faith was focused and incredibly effective. Emails and texts arrived with uncanny timing; phone and in-person meetings gave discoveries and material for weeks of work; even what seemed like casual conversations somehow led to major realizations about behavior patterns, limited thinking etc.

It is said that any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. Faith’s coaching is magic.”

Working with Faith helped me understand and recognize blinds spots (in me and others) and provided me the tools to help me rid myself of these. The most important thing I have learned is how to listen and how to untangle the “thought” from the “emotion” to clear the path for decisions to be made on foundational elements of who I am when all around appears chaotic.

Through this experience I achieved the ability to fully understand myself and how to coach and mentor people powerfully to provide for growth in others, to build them up, enrich their lives, and leave a legacy. I learned that only after you’ve sorted yourself out can you then start looking OUT to assess others and understand each person’s unique attributes for application and relationship development. The best thing about Faith’s style is that she has the fortitude and strength to bear with me and my thick headedness including the initial skeptical period.

If I could do it over again I would not be the skeptic I was early on and lead with fully trusting my coach. I am so truly thankful for bringing Faith into my life at exactly the right time and the right place. Faith truly is a God send. A Great Coach challenges you because if it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you.  Faith is a Great Coach!”