Each engagement is hand-crafted, exceeding expectations of yesterday and redefining what is possible today.

LevelingUpTM — 1:1 Accelerated Leadership Coaching

Dynamically partnering in real-time with immersive insight, we act as an advisor to talented executives and leaders. Leaders learn how to be adaptive and agile, performing at their best in any situation or setting. Providing insights, practical strategies and actionable how-to’s, we help leaders become high-impact coaches to raise the game of everyone around them.

Using a keen analysis of the unique person, environment, aspirations, and signature strengths, we continuously evolve leaders into their very highest potential in all facets of professional success. We keep the next generation leaders and MVPs energized, challenged and thriving.

“Couldn’t have nailed two promotions in less than a year without the most amazing coach ever!! Thank you for all that you did and continue to do. You have been such an amazing presence and change in my life.” 

Signature Strengths Discovery & Talent Branding

Using the proven Gallup StrengthsFinder 2.0 framework, we identify an individual’s Core5 natural strengths to develop a high resonance, high value YouBrand. Assesses an individual’s current talent brand perception within multiple levels of the organization using a 3D Talent Perception Survey. Uncovers subtle success barriers to build a powerful advocacy network and a standout reputation for accelerated career pathway.

“In my 24 year career this is the best development program I’ve ever participated in. I have a much better understanding of the leader I am and can aspire to be!” 

Professional Coach-Advisor — Teams / Cross-Org

Our team coach approach brings intact teams, or a group of leaders across the organization, up to their A-Game, maximizing the impact of professional coaching beyond the traditional one-on-one engagements. Maintaining our signature 1:1 methodology, leaders work toward their individual and relational goals, causing groups to rapidly elevate in tandem with each other. The result is a strength-based culture that allows lead teams to develop a high performance team brand and cultivate a wider network of powerful partnerships.

Rapid Alignment —
New Leader Onboarding

Precision deployment of your new, or in transition, leadership talent

Through our exclusive leader onboarding program, new leaders achieve a personalized head start and flawless integration to help them rapidly align with their new boss, team and culture. Accelerating their launch and creating maximum connection to the organization.

Objectives + Benefits.
+ Accelerate performance results: high productivity and engagement
+ Minimize possibility of common roadblocks or obstacles
+ Facilitate smoother, more personalized new hire integration experience
+ Develop quick organizational literacy and agility to navigate culture
+ Forge powerful strengths-based partnerships locally and broadly
+ Align new leader/boss “success” expectations and role clarity

StratAdvisor — Essential Partner for Essential Leaders

StratAdvisor acts as a high level partner to a business leader who needs a go-to trusted advisor to help them design, diagnose or evolve their team or organization. Innovating people strategies, identifying untapped efficiencies and hidden performance bottlenecks, and creating personalized development strategies for building their people.

The StratAdvisor role injects a specialized people perspective and expert lens to the daily running of a high performance culture. This is a fit for an “essential” leader who holds areas of core impact responsibility who is often on the forefront of predicting, designing and executing change.

The role of StratAdvisor provides coaching-the-coach, strategic analysis, content to execution recommendations, and creative collaboration. On demand and flexible to the client needs and preferred working style.

This unique resource adds an essential toolkit to a leader who is the essential resource to everyone else. A strategic partner in the pocket.

“On a value scale of 1 to 10 I would rate this a 22. I can’t describe it except to say this is life changing. Having a coach partner is truly my strategic secret weapon.” 

Unlocking Fit, Resilience, StartUps, Feedback, Rifts, Maturity,



“I would recommend Secret Weapon to anyone wanting to gain a better understanding of the leader they are…and who they could be. This program helps you understand your strengths and how they should be best utilized when leading others. Most importantly however, Faith helps you answer questions and face realities of your leadership that you may be avoiding – things that could be holding you back!”

“I want to let you know what a valuable experience this has been for me and the insight you have brought me about myself is incredible. Our discussions helped me create vital dialogue with others that I may not otherwise have had. You have an amazing talent and I feel truly blessed to have gotten to work with you. Your gift has touched me and made me better, and for that I thank you.”

“You shine a light on our potential. Potential that we may not realize is there, or at least not to what extent it can reach. And sometimes it requires a lot of digging for us to be able to see it.  You open our eyes, encourage, challenge and believe in us to an extent that not fulfilling that potential is no longer an option. I can honestly say that my career trajectory, and my personal growth have been altered by you. You’ve done this for me and many other leaders here.”